10 High Paying Jobs to Consider Doing on the Side

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If you’re finding it tough to make ends meet, you might consider taking on a second job. But if you’re going to add more work hours to your week, then those hours should earn you decent pay.

As reported by Business Insider, the telecommuting and remote work experts at FlexJobs picked 10 gigs that you can do part-time or on a freelance basis from home or on the road. In some cases, these jobs may pay more than your current job – which will give you pause for thought. All wages are in US$.


10.Bilingual Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant

Legal Assistant

If you’ve got some extra time, legal experience and language skills, this is the perfect side job for you. Business Insider reports that bilingual legal assistant jobs are generally project-based but they can come up often. Pay averages about $21 per hour.


9.Merchandise Coordinator

Merchandise Coordinator

Merchandise Coordinator

These short-term jobs require a bit of experience. But you’ll earn $21 an hour assisting a merchandising team and updating reports.


8.Video Reviewer

Video Reviewer

Video Reviewer

Another great ‘remote’ job is video reviewing. But you won’t be watching TV shows or movies. Instead, says Business Insider, you’ll be watching and critiquing the performance of teachers who submit videos for review. You can pocket $25 an hour if you’re a certified teacher.


7.Online Communications Associate

online communications

online communications

Generally speaking, online communications associates manage websites. If you can update content, take care of social media and know a thing or two about metrics, then you can earn up to $25 an hour on the side.


6.Software Developer

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Another common nomad/telecommuting side job is developing software. As long as you can get online, you can get work. You can make $30 an hour working on anything from creating website templates to developing smartphone apps. Be prepared for long days and nights.


5.Web Designer

.Web Designer

Web Designer

If you’ve been traveling the hostel circuit, you’ve likely seen them: web designers working for good money on the road. According to Business Insider, if you’ve got a talent for designing websites and keeping them looking fresh, you can make $32 an hour.


4.Sign Language Interpreter

Sign Language Interpreter

Sign Language Interpreter

This part-time job can pay up to $36 an hour. If you’ve got the skills and the required accreditation you can find plenty of opportunity in this growing field. You’ll feel good about what you do, too.


3.Business Consultant

Business Consultant

Business Consultant

Consulting has always been a good side gig. Business consultants can make $48 an hour dispensing advice, creating efficiencies and improving performance. However, you’ll need plenty of experience in a specific sector.


2.City Guide Writer

Blog Writer

City Guide Writer

There’s a surprisingly big market for people who can write guides to cities and neighborhoods According to Business Insider, clients for this type of work range from businesses in the travel trade to real estate companies. You can pocket $50-100 per project.


1.Curriculum Writer

Course writer

Course writer

If you’ve got a background in education, you can make $50 an hour helping develop educational materials for schools and other institutions.

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