10 places with the most murders in Canada

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When many people think of Canada, it is the safest place on earth when it comes to crime,

Recently there have been many murders in the big cities across Canada,

However, don’t worry Canada is still the safest country compared to the United States and South American countries,

I was surprised to find my hometown on this list because I always believe my hometown was the safest

Here is the publication Based on Statistics Canada data compiled by Maclean’s for its annual ranking of Canada’s most dangerous places,

Here are 10 places with the most murders in Canada

10. Peel Region (Mississauga/Brampton, Ont.) – 11

9. Halifax Metropolitan area – 12

8. Hamilton – 12

7. Vancouver – 13

6. Montréal – 24

5. Ottawa – 24

4. Winnipeg – 24

3. Calgary – 30

2. Edmonton – 38

1. Toronto – 74


Source/ Credit: Maclean’s


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