20 University Must Do’s

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They say your university years are the best years of your life! So why not make it so? Don’t waste the opportunity you have and above all have fun!

And if you’re stuck for ideas on how to spend your undergraduate years, look no further than these 20 things you have to do at university.

1. Audit a random lecture

Yes, you’ll probably be very busy with your own classes. But sitting in a random lecture might be fun!

You’ll learn something new and unexpected, or nothing at all and will be picked on to speak and very embarrassed!

Either way, you can’t leave uni not knowing how others experience their courses! It’s only curiosity!

2. Go to a local sports game

Even if you don’t go to a school where major teams play, going to a community sports game is just as good.

Be proud of where you learn, get voacl and animated, dress in the colours, grab a beer! Make a day of it!

3. Prank housemates

Everyone loves a good prank, within reason. And none more than students!

Maybe give it a while until you’ve got to know them a bit better and then you can refer to this handy little article for inspiration.

4. Start a club

It’s great to be passionate about a cause. And the experience to be gained for starting a club will be invaluable in the future.

And hey, even if it doesn’t last long (as many uni ventures don’t) you can still say you did it and you were in charge!

5. Go to the shops in your pyjamas

It’s got to be done. A rite of passage. And to be honest, unavoidable during deadline season!

You may feel like an absolute idiot. Then again, you may feel like an absolute legend.

6. Introduce yourself to someone you’d like to get to know

We all know someone on campus who we think is effortlessly cool, BNOC if you will ( a Big Name on Campus).

It may seem daunting, but what do you have to lose? And think how cool you’ll be if you succeed!

7. Stay out all night and still make your morning lecture

Even better don’t even go home before the lecture! Think of how accomplished you’ll feel!

8. Get a job

Even just for personal experience over professional.

There’s a lot to gain from having a job, like responsibility and time management… oh and yeah… money!

9. Blow all your allowance in the first month and live off cornflakes for the rest of term

It’s going to happen anyway, might as well make it look like you meant to do it!

10. Skip a lecture to watch Netflix

It’s addictive and you really need to find out what happens next for your personal wellbeing. University will understand, surely!

Degrees are hard and everyone needs a day in bed from time to time.

11. Volunteer

It’s just an all-around good thing to do.

It boosts your CV and self-esteem and helps local and international people/causes in need.

Even if you can’t give up hella loads of time, even a couple of hours a month is better than nothing and there are some many ways you can help volunteer.

12. Be the last person in the club

Stay until the lights switch on. Be the last dancing. Grab that last drink at the bar and toast your accomplishment!

It’s okay to want to head home early, it’s equally ok not to want to head home at all!

13. Take advantage of student discount

Money you didn’t have to work for, a loan that’ll probably never be paid off… there’s only one thing you can do… shop!

You’re not going to be given a discount in later life, so take your card everywhere, make sure to ask establishments if they offer cut prices for students!

Abuse the privilege before you have to pay full price like everyone else.

14. Drive to a beach. Swim.

Even if your uni is super far away, make a weekend of it!

15. Make your own booze

Bootlegging can’t still be illegal… right?

16. Take part in a protest

Everyone’s got to stand for something and you’ll feel so good when you’ve aired out your grudgings to the world!

17. Go on a blind date

Or any date. These are not the years to be tied down people! Experience the dating scene and culture, even if you hate it! It’s all in the name of a good story!

18. Make a movie with your friends

And never show anyone…

19. Travel

You have the funds, the time and the energy ( all of this said in jest, students are lucky to have just one of these 3 things). So why not travel!?

And even if you have none of those things, do it anyway! So you run out of money, get stuck in a foreign land!

If you come back in one piece it’s just another funny, university story!

20. Support your university across the years, then graduate

Be proud of where you study. Go see the artists end of year show, watch the musicians performances and the drama students plays!

Write into your campus radio show, newspaper, magazine! Take picnics on the grounds, stay up all night in the library, eat at the cafeteria!

Graduate knowing you juiced dry the experience, that you loved every single moment, and that you would probably never do it again!

Victoria Nufer

London based writer, Victoria is currently studying English and Drama at Goldsmiths College, University of London. With a passion for poetry, she has been published several times through United Press and was chosen as a winner for their annual National Poetry Anthology in 2015! Appreciates writing in all forms, she looks to expand into the world of journalism upon graduation!