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Want to wear that itsy bitsy teeny weeny (insert your favorite color and pattern) bikini? Then don’t miss out on these six simple tips for how to make shaving your bikini line as easy as, well, shaving your legs!

Yep, we said it. Bikini line. The land down under. Whatever you call your lady parts, we know it can get hairy down there. The skin is sensitive, and the hair can be coarse, but shaving your privies is not as tricky as you may think. So whether you want a simple trim and clean up or to get rid of all the hair in sight, we have got your bikini line covered (or, we suppose, uncovered!) with these six simple steps.


1. Snip Snip!

Razors are designed for shorter hair, so you may want to begin by trimming longer ones.You can use a trimmer, scissors, an electric shaver – anything to help you shorten those babies up. This will help prevent hair from getting clogged in the blades (gross!) and make it easier to shave the area. So snip away, baby!


2. Hydrate Those Hairs

Prep the skin by showering or bathing in warm water for at least two minutes. Better yet, just do your entire bathing routine before shaving to maximize soaking time. This will hydrate the hair and make it easier to cut. Remember, the skin down there is quite sensitive, so you want to make sure to do all the prep work you can to avoid nicks and irritation.Ain’t nobody got time for that!


3. Lather Up

Apply shave gel. This stuff not only smells amazing, but it also creates a protective layer between the blades and your skin, ensuring an oh so seamless, smooth glide. Shave gel also further hydrates and softens the hair, making it easier to cut. We are all for ease.


4. Shave Away

Pull the skin taut to allow the blades to glide as close to the skin as possible. Keeping strokes light and gentle, start by shaving in the direction of hair growth. Then, apply more shave gel and shave against the direction of growth. Keep in mind that the skin down there is sensitive, so use as few strokes as possible.


5. Rinse, Dry, Moisturize!

When finished, rinse with cool water, pat dry and apply your favorite moisturizer. Then feel free to try on your favorite bikini to check out your awesome results. Work it. Work it!


6. Keep It Fresh

Blunt blades aren’ t efficient and may also cause irritation, so replace razor blades regularly. How do you know your blades are dull? Discomfort while shaving, missed hairs, itchy skin and a shave that isn’t as close as usual are all good signs your blades need to be replaced. Fresh blades will capture more hairs in fewer strokes, and fewer strokes mean less irritation for the skin. It is really a no brainer!

Regular exfoliation also helps remove and reduce flaky skin and help prevent ingrown hairs. Bonus points if you moisturize daily.

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