Easy Ways To Become More Self-Reliant

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Every student finds themselves in a limbo between adult and child. You’re still not ready to entirely cut the umbilical and that’s ok. But there are ways you can take more control over your life. Here are the few simple ways you can be more self-reliant,

Create a ‘To-do’ list:

This is a no brainer! If you want to be more self-reliant, you’re going to need to do things for yourself! And if you need to get things done… write them down!

It’s very easy to forget things if they’re left to fend for themselves in the chaos of the student mind. So, treat yourself to a fancy notebook and write a list of things you need to do that day.

Try not to bombard yourself with Herculean tasks or too many errands. Stick to around 3 responsibilities, you’re more likely to get things checked off if you’re not overwhelmed! And these small victories are going to make you feel much more in control of your life!

But, remember to give yourself a break and leave one day a week where your schedule is clear. Being a student is about having fun as well!

Get a job:

This is one of the bigger campus debates, do you work part time or do you simply focus on your studies?

For some people, it is a necessity to work but for those of you who have a choice, a job might be the perfect way to gain the necessary experience you require.

Or how about making money without the constraints of employment?

Keep your finances in check:

A major part of developing your own independence is to become financially self-reliant. Managing your own money and budgeting yourself, seems like a daunting task and may even take you a while to get the hang of! But, once you’ve cracked it you’ll find yourself less stressed out and feeling much more accomplished.

The easiest way to deal with your new financial freedom is to make sure you have opened a student account; this is a must as it is unlikely you won’t feel the pinch, knowing you have a tax-free overdraft is a god-send!

Before you become self-reliant, you need to make sure you know exactly how much money are getting a term! Whether it is from the government or another source and if you are paying for your own accommodation and bills. Set aside this money in a savings account to transfer over as and when it is needed. You might be starving one week, but at least you won’t be homeless!

Additionally, focus on sourcing your food shopping at cheaper supermarkets, things like rice, potatoes, and pasta are super cheap and can bulk out a meal! And always leave aside a bit extra to go a little crazy at the end of a tough week! Remember to live within your means!

Create a five-year plan:

Self-motivation is key to completing this step. So, you have a goal, now work out how you’re going to achieve it.

Look at case studies, how did the successful people in the sector of your choosing get there? How are you going to begin to get there? Set yourself a realistic plan towards achieving the life you want. You want to live in a bustling metropolis… how are you going to make that happen?

One of the most rewarding things about self-reliance is that you had enough belief to make it happen. No one, but you, is going to have enough vested interest in your dreams to make them a reality for you. They’re too busy making their own come true. Never give up, stick with it and reap the rewards!

 Be realistic:

It’s hard to get started dancing to your own rhythm. It will take time. Chances are if you plunge into the deep end, you will drown. So, start in the kid’s pool and slowly inch yourself towards adulthood.

Your family and support network at school all understand how difficult it is to grow up. They’ve all done it. Therefore, if you are finding it hard, feeling the pinch and need some help! That’s totally fine! Especially as you’ve proven responsible for yourself by following these steps!

And it’s ok to slip up, so you spent all your month’s money in one wild night. We’ve all been there as well! Recognise that can’t happen every month, don’t fret or beat yourself up! Just open that new notebook and write a plan of action!

Victoria Nufer

London based writer, Victoria is currently studying English and Drama at Goldsmiths College, University of London. With a passion for poetry, she has been published several times through United Press and was chosen as a winner for their annual National Poetry Anthology in 2015! Appreciates writing in all forms, she looks to expand into the world of journalism upon graduation!