The Most Expensive Passports In The World 2018

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Passports are the most important document to have because it gives you access to multiple countries, without a visa, and certain countries require a visa prior to visiting their countries, our research team, compared hundreds of passports fees from many countries to find the Most Expensive passports.

A Turkish passport is the most expensive to purchase, according to research site Statista. It costs the equivalent of US$251 for a Turkish passport. That equates to about 95 hours worth of work if you’re being paid the federal minimum wage. In Mexico, a passport costs $155, which is even more of a burden to low-wage earners in the country. A Mexican worker earning minimum wage would have to put in 266 hours on the jobs in order to cover the cost of a passport.

The most expensive passport in the world can be found in Turkey. It costs $251 or about 95 hours of minimum wage work, according to rankings collated by GoEuro and presented by Statista.

Compare that to the cost of an American passport: $135 or 19 hours worth of work on minimum wage.

Here are The Most Expensive Passports In The World 2018


10. Turkey $251

9.  Australia $206

8.  Switzerland $159

7.  Mexico $155

6. The United States $135

5. Italy $135

4. Canada $133

3. Japan $155

2. New Zealand $$115

1. The United Kingdom $110

Infographic: The World's Most Expensive Passports | Statista

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