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Heads up 2016 income deadline  is extended to May 1, 2017, If you are university students or not here an  online efile authorized by CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) which cost you zero dollar, so you do not have to pay an accounting or tax agency you can do it yourself from comfort of your home.Why on earth do want to pay someone between $30- $147 of your hard-earned cash

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simple tax

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SimpleTax is a relatively new entrant into the tax application space. I like the clean design and the simple user interface. The company’s founders include a tax attorney, developer, and designer, so everything is accurate and easy to use. This is a program that allows you to pay what you want if anything. For most tax filers, SimpleTax is likely enough for what is needed to prepare your taxes effectively

Simple Tax



ALL NEW: Free tax return software (web) from TurboTax. File your income taxes in Canada for free. No Limits. No Donation Required. $0 Fees.

Turbotax will maximize your return, and you will get your refund in as little as 8 Days.
You do not need computer to file your taxes with them you can do It from your smartphone IOS, Andriod, The Web

There are others ones out there, but  they make you pay at the end or ask you to  upgrade to complete your turn, but Simple Tax is free, but if you want you can donate to them but it is not mandatory, and Turbo tax does not make you pay unless you want to upgrade to a premium

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