How to Find An Internship

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While many internships exist to nurture budding professionals, there are others that serve only to provide the employer with cheap (or free) labor. Although there is a law that prohibits them from doing that that doesn’t mean every employer obeys it.

Internship! The summer buzzword for any university student who wishes to further their career prospects and enhance their resume. Yes, you heard right, no mention of holidays, partying and sunbathing. Just internships.

Internships are becoming increasingly important as the graduate job market becomes more competitive. Internships are now almost a necessity for any graduate; employers recognize that the number of students undertaking internships is on-the-up and are unlikely to employ, or maybe even interview, anyone who hasn’t done an internship. Indeed, recent studies reveal that students have a 7 in 10 chance of landing a job with the company they interned with.


How to Find an Internship


Consult Your College Career Center

College Career Center

College Career Center

Your college career center may be able to help you find an internship. Many have established relationships with employers who will alert them to available opportunities. The career counselors or other professionals can also assist you with your resume and job interviewing skills.


Go to a Career Fair

Student Career Fair

Student Career Fair

Your college may host a career fair. Don’t miss it! You will be able to meet potential employers, submit your resume, and perhaps even interview on the spot.


Get on LinkedIn

Finding jobs or hiring through linkedin

Connect with alumni from your school who may work for companies that are hiring interns. Not only should you use LinkedIn to hunt for internships, but you should also build a fleshed-out profile and reach out to everyone you know, especially professional contacts, on a professional networking site. Get people you’ve worked for to write you recommendations. Do include volunteer work.


Use Internship and Job Sites

Job sites

Job sites

Use sites like, Indeed, and SimplyHired to search for internships.


Peruse Company Websites


American Media Company

Check the career or employment sections on the websites of companies that interest you.


Check With Professional Associations

Professional Associations networking

Professional Associations networking

You can often find openings listed on the websites or in the newsletters of relevant professional organizations or trade groups.

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