Admin/Content Creator

Anwar Abdi

Junior at University of Windsor currently majoring in Communication Media and film, in his spare time, he watches a lot of Netflix currently favorite shows are Suits, Scandal, Homeland. After graduation, he wants to become journalist

Content Creator

Shaunie Morrison

An elite Track and Field athlete from Alberta; She is Junior at the Arizona State University, she is training and racing for ASU track and field

Editor in chief

Herminia Chow

Currently attending the University of Toronto. She hopes to major in Book and Media Studies while doing a double minor in Linguistics along with Writing and Rhetoric. She is a writer, a blogger, and an avid reader of all things.

Content Creator

Cameron Chappus

Senior at University of Windsor, majoring in communication media & Film he loves writing scripts and producing music, passionate about Documentary and Filmmakin

Intern/ Content Creator

Kellie Sadler

Currently studying Media and Communications at Birmingham City University. She specialises in journalism and hopes to pursue a career in the magazine industry. In her spare time, her favourite things to do are to watch Netflix, read celebrity magazines and nap

Content Creator

Oamidé ilori

2nd-year student at Mcmaster University currently studying human behavior. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, watching Netflix and listening to podcasts on pop culture and celebrity gossip.

Content Creator

Lisa Lam

Currently attending Western University, studying media production and interactive media design. She likes TV series and films like Twin Peaks, Stranger Things, and Pulp Fiction.

Content & Social media

Shania Marche

Currently lives in Stephenville, NL. She is a student at Memorial University. She enjoys to write, read and cook. And Currently serving as social media coordinator for University Magazine

Content Creator

Tiffany Chang

I am an aspiring writer specializing in fantasy/general fiction and free-verse poetry. I occasionally dabble in creative non-fiction for freelance work. I am currently working as a staff writer for TVOvermind, an entertainment website where articles and reviews on trending TV shows, movies and music news are published. Feel free to check out my work on the site and my writing blog.

Content Creator

Nicole Bourdkane

Senior at the University of Windsor, and she is majoring in biology and her plans after graduation is to get into a Medical school for optometry or Medical Doctor.

Content Creator

O'Shane Rose

currently attending Centennial College where He is pursuing college diploma in energy systems engineering.

Content Creator

Yashaswi Vig

Currently in Bachelor of Commerce program at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax. Plans after graduation are to get into Law School. Loves to play sports, especially badminton.