The 3 Uni “Faux-Pas” You Think Are Bad But Are Totally Normal

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University is a challenge: academically, financially and socially alike. All students have felt the anxiety at some point that their peers are doing far better than them: they work part-time, are more proactive, extroverted in seminars and seem to balance social and study time through great organisational feats! Leaving you feeling as though you’re making some terrible student faux-pas! Yet this simply isn’t the case and more often than not your fellow classmates have felt the same way about you! Let’s examine the ways in which you feel like you’re failing but in reality, are demonstrating behaviours completely standard amongst most students.


“I’m not best friends with my housemates.”

Social “Faux-Pas”| CCUK

Calling all first years midway through the second term who feel apart from those they live with! Don’t stress!

There tends to be very little (if any) process of compatibility when allocating rooms to new students. You’re tossed into a salad of Education, Science, Art, Geography etc. students with nothing apparent in common and opposite backgrounds! You’re not expected to be best buddies with everyone, you’re human after all. As long as you are comfortable and get along well enough to co-exist it’s fine to not want to house hunt as a 6 in the second-year!

There are thousands of students, hundreds just in the same department as you, so join societies or take up a gym class you enjoy! Meet people with mutual interests and build friendships here! It’s relatively rare for first-year sharers to stick together until graduation!


“I’m not doing as well as I expected.”

Academic “Faux-Pas” | Huffington Post UK

Exam anxiety and stress is a health crisis amongst students and the pressure of hitting 70s does not help. Do not forget your worth is more than a number! You have already achieved great things by getting into uni! Revel in your accomplishments and empathise with yourself. Uni is a big change and adapting takes time, that’s why there are 3+ years of it!

Channel the energy you spend worrying about the result into the work. You should be pleasantly surprised by what you achieve!

Put all feedback to good use and do not compare yourself to others, you’re an individual with your own unique learning methods!


“I’m not completely self-sufficient.”

Financial “Faux-Pas” | Lucas Fettes

You and everyone else- you’re not expected to be!

Uni is expensive, that’s why the government take into account your parents/guardians income! They’re expected to help out a bit and if they can’t, that’s what the maintenance loan is for!

If you’re still struggling to make ends meet, speak to your universities welfare team who can offer invaluable financial pointers and help you apply for bursaries eligible to your needs. Many students are accepting extra financial help from somewhere, whether it be their phone bill, £10 allowance a week or a bursary to help cover halls fees!


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